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With 15+ years successfully managing affiliate programs, Matt & Nicki Wilson have the relationships, experience, and systems to drive your Program’s success.

15+ Years Growing Successful Affiliate Programs:

Meet Your Personal

Affiliate Management Team

In 2012, after spending years successfully growing in-house affiliate programs,  Nicki Wilson launched Stage 39 Affiliate Management with her husband Matt.

Since then, Nicki and Matt have combined their experience building, launching, and optimizing relationship-based businesses, opening doors and nuturing valuable partnerships – ensuring diversified, measurable results.

Now, they work to provide their select group of clients with personalized affiliate management services.

No matter which stage your affiliate program is in, Nicki and Matt will work as your hands-on partners to set you up for long-term growth.

Clients accepted on limited availability. All engagements begin with a discovery call to see if we’re the right fit.

3334% sales growth in months 4-12 for VPS Hosting

554% sales growth in months 4-12 for Organic CBD


Average affiliate diversification

669% increase in customer acquisition for Writing Assistant Software


Active affiliate partnerships

Services Tailored to Your Unique Program Needs

Our agile team can move quickly to deploy anything your affiliate program needs to grow. We have all the power and capabilities of the big agencies, without sacrificing the personalized connection with our clients.

From technical analysis to affiliate support to advanced fraud detection, you’ll get the holistic program support you need as our partner.

Cross-device attribution

Fraud detection and prevention

Affilate program management

Dedicated affiliate customer support

Technical implementation

Compensation structure analysis & optimization

Partnerships Formed Over Our 20 Years in Digital

And many more

A 3-Step Process for
High-ROI Affiliate Management

A 3-Step Process for High-ROI Affiliate Management

“You're going to get new customers...

What happens next?"

Since starting in affiliate marketing over 15 years ago, we’ve noticed a consistent trend:

To incentivize high-performing affiliates who bring your business the right kind of repeat customers, your program needs the right systems and support.

But every affiliate program is unique and requires customized solutions. That’s why at Stage 39, we leverage our industry expertise and relationships in our 3-step process:

  • Building the right foundation for your program
  • Launching (or relaunching) your program with expert support
  • Optimizing your program to continuously scale performance

This takes hard work, patience, and a commitment to always improving. That’s why when you partner with us, our team provides, guidance, industry knowledge, best-practices, and solutions uniquely suited to each client.


From discovering your unique KPIs based on your traffic quality, to establishing your acquisition strategy and commission structure, and even training on best practices, we’ll give you the competitive advantage to attract top-performing affiliates.


When you’re ready to launch, we’ll provide program resources, training, support, and other critical affiliate management tasks. We’ll reach out to our network of super affiliates and begin targeted affiliate recruitment campaigns to give your campaigns as much visibility as possible.


Once your campaigns are live, we’ll continuously help optimize performance. Whether that’s solving technical issues, re-examining your bonus and payment structure, or something else, you’ll have an affiliate management program that’s focused on generating long-term relationships with your customers.

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Due to our hands-on approach, we can only work with a select number of clients at a given time. However, we are always happy to discuss your program and provide guidance.

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At the start of every project, we’ll evaluate your current tech stack to determine if it’s the best way to scale your efforts. If we recommend rebuilding or using a different platform, we’ll handle it.

And if you’d like to continue using your existing platform, we’ll still see if it’s set up in a way that would best support your affiliate program.

Every program is different and should be tailored to your company, audience, and affiliates. When building the next phase of your program, we’ll apply our expertise to determine the best attribution model (or models). Then we’ll work with you to implement it.

Upfront sales matter. But they’re not the entire story. As the cost of digital advertising has increased and customer expectations have changed, we’ve seen how the companies who succeed see affiliate management as a critical component of customer acquisition. That’s why we focus on recruiting, managing, and supporting affiliates who bring high-quality traffic. With over a decade of managing and growing affiliate programs, we understand what works – long-term. That’s how we’ve doubled, tripled, and quadrupled our clients’ programs.